Couple Your Hosting With the Right Merchant Services to Improve Your Internet Business

GoDaddy; PowWeb; Inmotion, Yahoo, WebHostingHub; WebHostingPad; JustHost; HostMonster; FatCow and IPage—what do all of these hosting sites have in common? They are currently the free domain offering, web hosting sites that comprise The Top 10.

What Can We Learn from The Top 10?

The offer of free domain is only one of the aspects that make those 10 web hosting sites The Top 10. They also have good customer service, reasonable pricing, reliability, great features, exceptional performance, offer 30 day money back guarantees and have customer support 24/7. And what do you want to bet that they are are all capable of processing credit cards? Plastic is the new cash. It has been for a long time now. Businesses that refuse to get on board are going to suffer the consequences; it’s just a matter of time.

Improve your business

Who doesn’t want to improve their business? Apparently, people who haven’t jumped on the credit card wagon. Merchant services are a four-in-one way to go about improving your Internet business. First and foremost merchant accounts, maximize customer convenience. There’s nothing easier than whipping out a little piece of plastic that you carry with you anyways to execute a major or minor business transaction. It increases sales; if it’s easier for your customer to pay for what they want chances are not only will they buy it–they may even buy more of it. It helps with record keeping; no more trips to the bank and endless bookkeeping that cash only businesses have to put up with. State of the art software takes care of all the logging of funds that are deposited automatically into your account, with the help of merchant services.
Finally, accepting cards like MasterCard and Visa automatically associates you with some of the biggest and most recognized brands… It’s called brand building.

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